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Conventional 30 Year and 15 Year Fixed-Rate Programs
This program gives you the security of knowing that for the entire term of your loan, your interest rate and payment will remain the same. Your property taxes and homeowners insurance may change over time, but your principal and interest payments will remain unchanged.

FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Program
These government-issued mortgages are ideal for the first time homebuyer and people that may not qualify for conventional loans. While there are limits to the size of FHA loans, they are generous enough to handle moderate priced homes almost anywhere in the country. Because the FHA insures the loan, the buyer pays only a very low down-payment.

VA Program (Veterans Administration)
A loan program to benefit veterans of the armed services, those currently in the service or reserves, and their spouses. It is possible to obtain a VA loan with no money down.

1, 3, and 5 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
If you think interest rates will remain relatively stable and expect your income to increase or plan to move in the next few years, an ARM plan may be the right choice for you. The interest rate on these loans fluctuates periodically in response to changing market conditions. As the interest rate fluctuates, your mortgage payment will be adjusted up or down. Rate and payments adjust at the end of 1, 3 or 5 years and every year thereafter. An ARMS come with adjustment caps, giving you the security of knowing that your rate can never go above a certain level.
Another advantage of an ARM is a lower initial interest rate. The initial rate on a 1-year is typically 2-3 percentage points below conventional fixed-rate loans. This lower interest rate and lower initial monthly payment may enable you to qualify for a larger home loan.

5 and 7 year Balloon Programs
Balloon loans are designed to save borrowers thousands of dollars in monthly payments if they plan on living in their homes for a relatively short time. These plans offer fixed interest rates below 30 or 15-year fixed-rate programs. Payments are based on a conventional loan payment schedule that "balloons" in 5 or 7 years ( In other words, the unpaid balance of the loan is due much sooner than would be the case under a standard conventional loan). In many cases, balloon customers have the option to refinance the balloon payment before it is due.

Home Equity Loans
This program allows borrowers to pay off all those high interest rate credit cards, personal bills, or existing loans and provide you with one low monthly payment. Need extra cash for home improvements? Not a can have the cash that you need for the things you want. All of this, while saving hundreds of dollars a month!

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